Friday, September 21, 2012

Represent: The Czar of Sporeggar

Here's the link to the item comparison tool: click.

I hinted at this a couple of weeks ago when I mentioned my entry for the WoW Insider transmog contest, so here it is (it even made it into the runner-ups). Truth be told, I have been wearing this set for a very, very long time (read: since patch 4.3) and it came into existence rather unintentionally when I was leveling this silly spacegoat and decided to finish up the quests in Zangarmarsh. I started finding Glowcaps everywhere - a first for me, before the content became outdated, they were pretty hard to come by in such large quantities (for a then-casual player like me).

I had already gathered some pieces from the TBC Lightforge dungeon set which I'd safely stored in my bank, once transmogrification came out it didn't take me long to realize they would make a pretty good match to this tabard. Revisiting this set (adding the weapon and shield and writing about how I like to match a tabard to my sets) and seeing the Mogolympics opening ceremonies gave me an idea for a new category: Represent. Although so far, there aren't many entries, something I'm hoping to change soon.


  1. Nice job with the outfit. Looks very good. I have yet to design any outfits that match any of the tabards. There are too many nice chest pieces to hide them with a tabard. lol

  2. Loving that outfit!
    That tabard is my favorite in the game!

  3. Hi, lovely blogg, and well written =) I will be sure to come back and read some more.
    Looking good. =)
    Have a good day. / jeji

  4. Hey! Brilliant Transmog Blog, probably the best there was! Im sorry to see that you don't use it anymore - but good luck with whatever else you are doing. Once again, a very nicely done blog - with Transmogs that actually look stylish :)